80 Day Obsession

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Autumn Calabrese’s new workout program, 80 Day Obsessionis designed to help you burn fat and get lean!
80 Day Obsession™ is a total-body transformation program that requires 80 days of laser-focus on 80 challenging workouts.

80 Day Obsession is not a beginner workout, so you should already have a base of fitness before attempting this program. There is a modifier in every workout, but doesn’t lower the intensity to a beginner level.

The 80 Day Obsession workouts are 30–60 minutes in length, with most averaging 45–60 minutes. You’ll work out 6 days a week, with one rest day (Sunday). Because of this schedule, the 80 workouts are spread over 13 weeks. Rest days are not counted as part of the 80 days.

**** The first video is free: Day 1: Total Body Core (Phase 1) >> [Click to download]
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Introducing 80 Day Obsession:

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Details of full Videos / Workouts:

80 different workouts, shot in real time. 6 workout types customized for faster progress each week.
Each Phase includes 6 types of workouts:

* Total Body Core: Total body workout using compound movements to increase your strength from head to toe.
Day 1: Total Body Core (Phase 1) >> [Click to download]

* Booty: A workout designed with isolated movements to help shape a toned butt.

* Cardio Core: Interval training to boost your heart rate and challenge your core!

* AAA: Strength workouts targeting your arms, abs, and a#.

* Legs: Focused moves for your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

* Cardio Flow: A endurance workout to blast a ton of calories.

Bonus Workouts
that  you can use them anytime for an extended stretch routine:

* Roll & Release

* Stretch & Release

Workout Calendar  [Click to download]

Each phase of the program is a little different. So you can expect the same 6 types of workouts, but you’ll see varying moves each phase for max results.

Congrats on getting started…
First video is FREE: Day 1: Total Body Core (Phase 1) >> [Click to download]

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All the products are virtual (digital) products, downloadable from the specific given sites’ links.
No physical product or DVDs are to be shipped.

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  1. SuzeQueue (verified owner)

    I loved this program on Beachbody, so I am happy to be able to purchase it and Chalean Extreme at a great price. Every workout is different, but it does not get confusing. Autumn is personable and her cuing is mostly right on. The workouts are as hard or as easy as you make them, based on the amount of weight you use. The cardio days are separate from the weight training days, which is how I prefer to exercise. The download was easy, but the directions in the email were imperfect. The download button was not red and in the center, but green and at the top. Downloading the entire folder full of workouts did not work. It was better to double click the folder, which opened up a page that had each day’s workout as a separate file. From there, downloading took about 2-3 minutes per workout.

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